You'll Be Floored by This Advice

Sep 05, 2017
Have you noticed those scuff marks on your hardwood floors? Or maybe the carpet that is buckling even worse behind the strategically placed chair in your living room? Maybe it’s time for some new floors! Listen to the advice of Debra Henry from The Flooring Pros/Flooring America, who has been in the industry for over 30 years, to make this task seem not so intimidating.


Everything-Proof It
Think all hardwood floors are actually wood? Think again. Many floors you see that may look like hardwood, aren’t – it is LVP or luxury vinyl plank. This material looks like wood, has the texture of wood and will fool even the keenest of design eyes. Plus, it is pet-proof, waterproof and very difficult to damage, unlike traditional wood floors. Many times, LVP floors are more cost effective as well, saving you money now and eliminating a headache about any potential damage later.

Just Like Your Little Black Dress
Debra puts it best when she says that floors are like a woman’s favorite little black dress – keep it simple and classic and then jazz it up with a piece of jewelry, as a statement piece. Ideally, your floors are going to last you quite a while and when the trends or your own tastes change; your statement piece will be much easier to replace than your favorite little black dress. This theory works for making choices on tile and paint colors too!

Respect Your Lifestyle
Recently, a client of Debra’s, a dad, quickly learned that high heels can make dents in soft floors when he had to refinish all his hardwood floors after hosting his daughter’s pre-prom party. Think about your lifestyle and those who are in your house frequently before choosing new flooring. Just because you have three kids and a 65-pound dog running around, doesn’t mean you must go with straight-up industrial flooring; just take into consideration the hardness of the wood or material you are choosing and you can still come out with a beautiful product that will last you years.

To get a quick snapshot of your options, you can reference the Janka Hardness Scale to see that strand- woven bamboo is almost five times stronger than red oak, or simply discuss your day-to-day with your Flooring Pro representative and they can point you in the right direction.

Lightning Round with Debra

Top color: Gray, gray, gray! BUT, she thinks the trend will fade.

Top tile trend: Large format tiles. Less grout to clean and adds a modern look.

Top carpet material: Tigressa carpet. Can make for beautiful and incredibly soft carpets, plus it is very stain resistant.

Trend That’s Out: Laminate. It is not waterproof and can be loud to walk on.

Best advice: Think long term. Save up and spend money on floors you want and that will last, not on floors that satisfy the moment but won’t last.

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